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Sizzix SG accessory tool kit

Artikelcode: SIZ658437

Sizzix SG accessory tool kit

The leaf tool, ball stylus and loop tools feature dual tips for a variety of sizes needed to add detail to your own flowers. Each tip offers easy size identification so different sizes can be instantly recognized. The tweezers easily hold smaller designs. The comfortable handle grip of the hand tools allow for an easier creative experience. 
The Molding Pad, Leaf Pad & Non-Stick Sheet are ideal surfaces for creating beautiful dimensional flowers. The Molding Pad is used for cupping, shaping, stirring and other flower-creating techniques. The Leaf Pad is used to create veins in the paper leaves for added realism. The Non-Stick Sheet is the ideal surface to apply color and adhesive to the pieces. (Please note: To maintain Tool Kit’s performance, replace Molding Pad, Leaf Pad and a Non-Stick Sheet when they wear out.)

€ 22.95